Monday, March 11, 2013

More on Genesis 1

In week 2 we began our series of Bible studies for the semester on the book of Genesis by looking at chapter 1.  Genesis 1 can sometimes be controversial because of the debates about cosmology and origins, but when we looked at what the Bible actually says we saw that it was primarily concerned about God, humanity and our role in God's creation.

I recently posted a summary of Genesis 1 on my personal blog here . . . Deep Conviction blog post on Genesis 1.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome Back for 2013!

Welcome back to uni and to CBM for 2013.

At the Bankstown campus we are having our Public meetings three days a week: On Tuesday from 1-2pm (23.G.41), Wednesday 1-2pm (Chaplaincy - Building 10) and Thursday 1-2 pm (Bldg 5. LG.1).

This semester we will be looking at the first book of the Bible - the book of Genesis. We will consider what the Bible tells us about the origins of our World and our Universe and of us. We will be learning that Genesis is more concerned about the Creator, his purpose for creating everything and his relationship with the creation rather than exactly how it was created. We will also think carefully about what Genesis has to say about humans and our place in the world.

We do hope you will join us for our main meetings.

We will also have TEAM (Training for Evangelism and Ministry) on Mondays from 1-2pm in the Chaplaincy. We have courses on understanding the Bible, Personal Evangelism and more. You are welcome to join us.  If you are not available at this time please let us know a time that suits you.

For the most up-to-date information please 'Like' our Facebook page - 'CBM at UWS Bankstown'.

For more information you can contact Richard on 0402 282 893 or Tim on 0410 023 120 or email us at

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mid Year Conference 2012 - "Guidance"

Perhaps the highlight of our year at CBM is Mid Year Conference!

This year we will be going to Merroo Conference Centre at Kurrajong (Northwest Sydney) from Monday 9th to Friday 13th July. Our topic is "Guidance". We will be thinking about how to make decisions from a Biblical basis.Our main speaker is Phillip Jensen (who has over 30 years experience in Student Ministry). It is a great time of fun, friendship and learning together from God's Word.

The standard cost is $285, but there is a $25 discount for first-timers and another $25 discount for those who register by May 23rd. (If the cost is still a problem please talk to us). You can register online at . . .  or speak to one of the staff . . . or email cbm.bankstown at

Check out this video to help you decide to come to MYC! (We look forward to seeing you there):


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Responding to Richard Dawkins & the New Atheists

Outreach Media has just launched a website called DoubtingDawkins.Com to respond to the Global Atheist's Convention in Melbourne this week. The site is based around 22 questions and statements that challenge Richard Dawkins' logic and manner. The 20,000 words of great content have been written by a talented and diverse team of philosophers, theologians and scientists. Why not check out what it has to say.

You can also watch this short video promoting the site (On Vimeo)

Doubting Dawkins from Nicholas Ryan on Vimeo.

Check out

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Truth about Easter: Reasons to Believe (Videos)

Last week Dr John Dickson visited UWS Bankstown at the invitation of the department of Social Science to speak about Humility. In these videos he looks at the reasons to believe the Easter story in the Bible is historically reliable.

Reasons to believe Part 2:

To talk more about this topic come to CBM (especially in Easter week): Tuesday 1-2pm in 1.1.223 and Thursday 1-2 pm in 1.1.081

Friday, March 16, 2012

HUMILITAS Lecture by John Dickson - March 29th

Just letting you know about an event being held at Bankstown on March 29th:

UWS School of Social Sciences and Psychology
Social Work, Community Welfare and Therapy Studies Group

“HUMILITAS - Holding power for the good of others”

A public lecture on the origins and meanings of humility, by

Dr John Dickson
Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Ancient History, Macquarie University
Director, Centre for Public Christianity
Thurs March 29th, 4pm to 6pm
UWS Bankstown
Bullecourt Ave, Milperra
Room 01.1.106 (LT01)

For UWS staff, students, human services practitioners and general public
Enquiries: Dr Neil Hall or 9772 6591

“Dr John Dickson specialises in the big ideas that have shaped our world and inspired men and women to live beyond themselves. His journey has been an eclectic one: from fulltime musician to professional speaker, author, biblical historian, TV presenter and director of a multi-media think tank. He began his career as singer/songwriter for Aussie rock band In The Silence, touring and recording for seven years before temporarily giving music away to focus on academic studies and a wide-ranging career as a speaker and author. With an honours degree in theology and a PhD in ancient history John is also a Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University. He is committed to delivering creative, engaging content grounded in careful thought.” (

Friday, February 24, 2012

Meeting Locations

Details of meeting locations in week 1

Main Meetings: 
          Tuesday 1-2 pm - Building 1, Room 1.081
          Thursday 1-2 pm - Building 1, Room 1.081
          In week 1 we will be looking at John 11 -  Who is Jesus?: Resurrection and Life

Bible Studies (including Chinese groups) meet in the chaplaincy, Building 10.
          Monday 1-2 pm
          Wednesday 1-2 pm

We will also have a stall in building 1 for most of the week. Please come and say hello - we look forward to seeing you!